We are an old community founded by the known leaders Aldro and Shree Koon.

The community was created to first and foremost be a socializing community with friendly atmosphere where we play the game, help each other develop within it as well as discuss anything between heaven and earth. Even outside the game, some members meet on specific occasions or watch a movie together on Steam. Jedi of Freedom also offers training within the seven lightsaber forms founded by Shree and Aldro, which have been developed by the oldest and best JA+ duelists to get into the depth of a specific type of sabering play style. Once you are accepted into the community you can read more about these on the forums and how to be eligible for possibly training in a form. We currently have an active community with over 200 members. Some of the older members do not find the time to play as actively anymore but became so close to us that they keep in touch over the forums or with other means and will always be a {JoF} member because of this. Communication is the most important factor in {JoF} and we obviously value it greatly.

Now because we are such a big happy family we continue to seek to expand but we have grown to be a little picky when it comes to accepting new people. This is why it is key to show who you are when you are an adept and be active as you can be.

The JoF Academy is a part of JoF's advanced recruitment process, filtering out applicants that are not worthy of entering the community. It was created because a smarter method of filtering out un-worthy applicants was needed as the amount of random short-term members has increased significantly. Before the introduction of the Academy, random strangers would come knocking on the door to ask for acceptance only to mysteriously vanish without a trace, which is why the Academy was introduced.

The Academy is basically looking for active, well-mannered and kind members who would like to have fun and spend time with the community, but are also not afraid to act mature and serious when needed. Another thing greatly valued at JoF is a long and meaningful stay. Such a thing remains easier to say than actually carried out, which is why the Academy Instructors will be patient when judging new applicants. Keep in mind that level of skill in-game is not important at all. Attitude, activity and general manners are what matters the most.

The way the academy works is that anyone willing to join must apply into the Academy Web App. They will be needed to fill out the application form and then wait for a Councillor to accept them into the Academy. They will then be asked to hang around for a while and prove that they are made of the right material to be let into the actual community. The applicants are from now on required to wear the academy tags and an adept rank. Members of the community will then be able to rate each adept. After a a certain amount of time, the Academy Instructors will voice their opinions on the newcomers to fellow Academy Instructors and the council. It will then be decided whether or not the applicants are accepted into the community or not; if the latter then the applicants have the possibility of re-applying. The lucky applicants that are accepted into the community by the Academy Instructors will then be transferred to the main forums as members.

Everyone may apply for academy membership, however, the leadership reserve the right to decline any applicant's application. Lastly, please note that the Academy Instructors' word is final on any matter.