What is the difference between JoF and JoFA? Jedi of Freedom is the main clan. JoF Academy is a semi-separate entity, which purpose is to manage and evaluate applicants (adepts) who wish to join the clan.
What is JoF Hub? JoF Hub is a web platform for a variety of "apps" we use in the clan; JoF Academy app is one of those apps.
How does the academy trial work? Every player that wants to join our clan has to go through a trial in our Academy by registering and creating an application. At the end of your trial, the clan's Council will decide whether you passed or failed your trial - passing a trial is your ticket into the clan. If you fail, you can reapply and try again.
How long does my trial take? A standard trial takes anywhere between 3 to 5 weeks. It depends mostly on how you behave and how active you are, promising adepts don't spend too much time in JoFA. If you reapply after a failed trial or you were a member of our clan in the past, the trial may take longer.
How do I pass the trial? Making sure you log in into this web app atleast every couple days is a good start, inactive applications get automatically denied. During your trial, you will be evaluated by the Academy Instructors, but also JoF members. Behavior and activity are the most important factors, while your ingame skill is NOT important. Make sure you are on your best behavior while playing on our server and don't break any of our official rules. Being active and letting people to get to know you will help you a long way, making an account on our forums and introducing yourself in the "Introductions" section is a good start.
Do I have to check the JoF Forums during my trial? You will be requested to create a forum account at some point during the trial and it is mandatory in order to get accepted into the clan. Until you are requested to create the account, you are not obligated to visit them, however doing so and introducing yourself there can increase your chances to pass your trial.
What happens if I pass the trial? At some point during the trial you will be prompted to pick 3 of our masters that you would like to have as your master in the clan and also to create an account on our forums (if you haven't already). If you pass your trial, your forum account will be upgraded to a member account, giving you access to the entire forums. You will be granted a rank of Initiate, one the masters you have picked during your trial will be assigned to you as your master and you'll begin your journey in JoF. You'll also have the option to upgrade your JoF Academy account to participate in evaluating trialing adepts.
My application has been denied. What do I do? Your application can be denied for many reasons. Most commonly due to inactivity, either on this web app or ingame. If that is the case, feel free to reapply using the "Reapply" button in the options tab in your application and make sure your are more active.
More serious reasons include rule-breaking or bad behavior. Depending on the severity we may or may not allow you to reapply, you'll see that in your application. If we impose a temporary re-application ban, stick to it. Trying to bypass the ban by any means can shut the doors to our clan and even our server for you forever.
Is there any other way to get into the clan? No.
Can I cancel my trial? If you for whatever reason no longer wish to continue the trial, you can simply cancel your application in the options tab in your application. Should you make up your mind later, you can reapply again.
I forgot my password, what do I do? Use the "forgot password?" button at the JoF Hub login page.
I want to change my name, what do I do? You can request to change your name by sending a message to both Aldro Koon and Darren on the forums.
Information in my app is outdated, can I update it? If there is any important information in your application that has changed, let us know via the chat in your application.