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Rank overview

Describing the journey

Upon acceptance, you will be given the rank of Initiate and be assigned to a member of the rank Jedi Master or higher. Your master will serve as a guide in the community, telling you about the members, history and structure of the community. He will essentially take on the role as a close friend. While your master may go into more depth regarding our systems, below follows an introduction to what we have cooking for you.

Within your time in JoF, you will meet many jedi from different backgrounds, bond with fellow members as you work together with them and your master to prepare yourself for the several missions and trials that exist within the community. These missions and trials are not based on any high skill but rather a basic understanding of the game and its mechanics that any player will know by simply playing for a while. Ontop of this, you are given the option to practice whenever you see fit should you desire it. But the main purpose of these missions are all about team building and strengthening your bond to other members.

Missions are tasks you have to complete with your master to pass. Frequently you may also invite other members who can accompany you and help you out. Each mission has its own restrictions in terms of participants. Upon completing a mission, you are then permitted to take the trials for obtaining your next rank. The trials along with the missions are varied in terms of difficulty but even the most difficult mission and trials can be done by simply playing the game actively. The real challenge is patience. You will possibly fail, it is not important to pass them instantly. Rather you have to take your time and be patient as you will complete them eventually. Simply have fun with it.

Upon doing enough of these you will climb the ranks and reach the rank of Padawan, Jedi and finally you will become a Jedi Knight. Here you will be facing a decision. Having ''lost'' your master: A Jedi Knight may choose to specialize in three different paths by taking the path trials. It is not a requirement to choose a path however there are certain perks that become available if you do. The three paths are: Jedi Guardian, Jedi Weaver and Jedi Sentinel.

The Jedi Guardian is for the members who specialize in saber combat. Guardians can be voted to become Master Guardians by the Leaders with aid from the council. These will then be permitted to learn a form from the seven lightsaber forms that our leaders have developed. More information will be given further down regarding the forms.

The Jedi Weaver is for the members who specialize in the process of "politics" and decision making within the community. Weavers can be voted to become Master Weavers by the Leaders with the aid from the Council. It is then that they recieve permission to join and participate in Council Meetings if the Council requests it.

The Jedi Sentinel is for members who specialize in full force combat. Sentinels can be voted to become Master Sentinels by the Leaders with aid from the Council. It is then that they recieve the power to enable all force powers along with flipkick damage for everyone in the entire server. The only catch for this is that they disable it upon leaving and that they do not do so during an event or such.

As mentioned previously, you do not have to choose a path but you can stay a Jedi Knight if you desire. No perk will be given to you and just like the path ranks, the Leaders with aid from the Council can elect you to become a Jedi Master.

As a Jedi Master, you recieve admin duties on the server to keep peace and fun in the server along with the ability to take on padawans in order to guide them. A Jedi Master tries to guide their padawans in similar ways that his/her master did for him/her. Ontop of this, you get to create your own legacy!

But the journey does not stop here, no.

Doing extra help for the community will award you with plenty of Titles and Medals. Anything from recruitment, holding events, helping with evaluations regarding Adepts will be well rewarded.

Upon doing enough for the community as a Master, you may be elected by the Leaders with aid from the Council to become a Veteran Master. The Veteran Master holds your previous path perk along with the perks for the Guardian path, meaning you can learn a form despite if you chose another path previously. And ofcourse,who doesnt want to be a Veteran? There is also the rank of Honourable Master which is rarely awarded to members. To obtain this rank, you would have to do a tremendous level of extra help and gather a lot of Titles and Medals in your time within JoF. Like the Veteran Master, you get the same perks but with the addition of the Sentinel perk. It is the highest rank you can naturally obtain.

And then there is the Council.

Pretty much all of the decisions are made by the Leaders, Shree and Aldro Koon who have founded Jedi of Freedom since its creation back in 2006. But like all leaders, having a form of support in terms of trusted people who voice their opinions and offer guidance is something that is helpful towards good leadership. This is where the Council comes in.

The Low Council consists of members who have devoted a lot of extra time to the community. These are the members that represent the community. They are required to be active and know the members very well, old as well as new. Decisions that the leaders make are usually discussed with the Low Council for that reason. To be a Low Councillor, you need to have a high level of trust among the Leaders and actively commited to the community. Low Councillors hold meetings along with a Leader, twice per month where decisions are made and discussions are held. These meetings take place on the server and are announced ahead of time. If a Low Councillor fails to be active, he will have to request to step down or be asked to step down by the Leaders.

The High Council consists of really old members who devoted a lot of extra time to the community in their time. They are almost considered as co founders for the fact that they stood behind the Leaders for so long and offered support when it was needed. This rank exists only for them. They have the permission to join in on any meeting with the Low Council should they have the time and be able to.

With the ranks out of the way, lets very briefly go over the the seven lightsaber forms. These are known fighting styles to the Star Wars Expanded Universe. The leaders of JoF adapted these fighting styles into competitive play styles with heavy focus on the games mechanics. There are numerous teachers who are some of the better, if not the best players within JA+ who take on students and teach these forms out. The requirement to request a teacher and a form is to be a Master Guardian. Find a member with the rank of Teacher? Duel him and let the duel truly speak for itself.

Ontop of this, our community spends time creating ingame movies which retell historical moments in the community lifetime. Being a member of the community and making a name for yourself will ultimately result in you having a larger and larger role in these movies which currently center around our members. The quality of the movies is to be around the skill of this community trailer video:

These are old movie posters that no longer exist due to the quality of them being not up to par with our future ambition for the movies (see the trailer).

All in all there is more to the community which will reveal itself in due time. But if it is a Jedi experience you seek with comradery and real friendships, then you have found the right place.

Good luck on your trial in the Academy and may the force be with you!